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Classic Speckled Beanie Hand Knit Hat with Hand Dyed Yarn

Classic Speckled Beanie Hand Knit Hat with Hand Dyed Yarn

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This hand knit hat was lovingly handmade by me, in a classic design with bright fun speckles scattered across a lovely white, with a second, textured yarn interwoven. You will receive the exact hat shown in the photos.

This yarn is made from mulesing-free New Zealand wool and hand-dyed in Lethbridge, Alberta, in Canada by Slam Fiber Co.

There are two sizes available in this very stretchy hat:
-- Smaller: 8.5" in height, with a 14" circumference.
-- Larger: 9" in height, with a 15" circumference.

yarn: 95% superwash merino wool, 5% nylon
tag: faux leather
pom-pom: faux fur

Care instructions: hand wash in cool or room temperature water, lay flat to dry. A wool wash is recommended, rather than traditional soap or detergent. Do not overly agitate or overheat, as this will cause felting. Do not machine wash or dry as this will damage the wool. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean. Pom-Pom should be removed prior to washing -- it is secured with cord and a button for easy removal and reattaching.

Pattern is the Loppet Beanie by Woolly Bear Knits:

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