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Ranger Rubit-Scrubit™ Stamp Cleaning Pad

Ranger Rubit-Scrubit™ Stamp Cleaning Pad

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Ranger Ink's foam backed Rubit-Scrubit Pad is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to clean your rubber stamps, texture tools, and brayers, no matter how deeply etched. The scrubbing surface is tough enough to clean into every crevice, yet gentle on your rubber, while the foam backing provides a soft, non-skid cushion to work on when rubbing and to hold onto when scrubbing.

Features two surfaces: the top (front surface shown) is a fine, non-skid cushion; the opposite side is coarse. Made of synthetics.

Apply Ranger stamp cleaners directly onto stamps or on the textured side of the Rubit-Scrubit pad. Place the pad on work surface texture side up and rub the stamp across or pick it up to scrub stamps clean. (Note: do not use with solvent cleaners.

Rinse with soap and water. Air dry.

6 x 6 foam backed. Can be cut into smaller pieces
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